Reason for the Season(s)

After reviewing the typical student responses to the question, “What causes the Earth’s seasons?”, I was not immensely shocked, but a rather disappointed. I am glad that I answered correctly, though. I learned the reason in my Astronomy class that I took during college. So, honestly, I only learned the correct explanation about 3 years ago. Prior to that, like most of the respondents, I think I thought the seasons were caused by the distance of the Earth from the Sun.

The video about Khan academy was very intriguing. It is not surprising that the videos in which the common misconceptions were addressed proved to be more valuable to the learning experience, as the students would likely recognize these thought patterns as their own, which would go on to be refuted later in the video. This would undoubtedly help the correct information stick rather than reinforce their own flawed ideas.

Overall, I think this means that when using video as an integral part of education, it is vital that we address common misconceptions that students have, and demonstrate why their ‘knowledge’ is incorrect, lest it be reinforced.

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