Tie the Worlds Together

Last summer, I took a four-month backpacking trip around Europe. I traveled alone, which was rather intimidating. In the months leading up to my journey, I joined Couchsurfing in order to save money on lodgings while I was traveling – this proved to be very successful. I simply searched for towns/countries that I wanted to visit, and made new friends in both Sweden and Norway before heading over there. After messaging them for several weeks on Couchsurfing, we became friends on Facebook and continued to get to know each other that way. When I arrived in Sweden, my friend (Johan) met me at the train station. We talked for about half an hour before catching the train to his small seaside town, Simrishamn. Here is a picture of us on the train (we switched glasses):

IMG_1825Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 3.14.05 PM

I stayed there for about a month! He was glad to have me visit, as there are not many 20-somethings in his town. It is mostly older people and families. We split the grocery bill and would make all of our own food. I enjoyed that a lot, because the food that he made was very different from what I am used to making. Here is my favorite meal that we made:

Fish sticks, dill sauce, mashed potatoes+carrots, and peas.

And finally, here’s a picture of us laying in the grass on one of my last days there:


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