Objectives Gap

Gain new perspectives on ways in which social media/networking can be utilized in professional settings.
previous understanding: 3
current understanding: 7
My classmates have made several useful points in various forums and in our Google group.

Discover online networking tools that I was previously unaware of, and their advantages and disadvantages in specific situations.
previous understanding: 2
current understanding: 7
The matrix helps a lot with achieving this goal. Although I would like to discuss specific occurrences in various job fields that might be especially useful for one tool over another.

Develop a deeper understanding of what Web 2.0 is capable of, and how to take advantage of these capabilities to enhance the web-based creations I will be making at my future job(s).

previous understanding: 1
current understanding: 8
prior to this class, I was mostly unaware of what Web 2.0 meant, despite having heard it several times during my life. The glossary we’ve created has assisted greatly with my understanding.

Working as an Instructional Technologist in a school or corporate training facility, it would be important for me to know specific tools that would be useful in teaching necessary concepts. For example, how might the needs of a 3rd grade class learning their multiplication tables differ from a high school class learning Shakespeare?

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